Monday, March 14, 2011

Mary O’Malley’s Personal Yeats Script

As discussed before on this blog, Mary O’Malley was an enthusiastic supporter of the dramas written by W.B. Yeats. Indeed the Lyric from its earliest days staged these challenging productions, and when the Lyric became a professional organisation its allegiance to Yeats was expressly conveyed in its constitution. These plays were primarily directed by Mary O’Malley herself, and this item from the archive at NUI Galway has recently come up for cataloguing. Originally just a hardcover compilation of all of Yeats’ plays, O’Malley made this her own personal working script for Yeats productions. The script is peppered with O’Malley’s notes on stage direction, instructions for the actors, and other such valuable material for researchers.

Annotated scripts make many appearances in the Lyric Theatre archives. The cataloguing project is ongoing, but by the end of this year the completed descriptive list will be available on our website. This will help researchers identify material they would like to consult before visiting the archives, and will ensure that they get the maximum benefit possible from using the NUI Galway archives.

Incidentally, a full list of all of our collections can be seen here, with some already having their catalogues available to read online.

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