Tuesday, August 9, 2011

News from the Archive

It has been a busy few months here in NUI Galway Archives. Two major projects are nearing completion. The Lyric Theatre Belfast Archive and the Galway Arts Festival Archive are now both (just about!) fully listed. The catalogues will be available to the public in the very near future. The newly published Archives and Records Association Summer Newsletter carries some detailed coverage of the Galway Arts Festival Archive which includes material spanning the lifetime of Ireland's largest multidisciplinary Arts Festival. 

The Galway Arts Festival was first staged in 1978. It was the culmination of the efforts and ideas that grew out of the University College Galway Arts Society. Ollie Jennings became auditor of this society, taking over from Garry Hynes, who became one of the founders of Druid Theatre Company. Under the direction of Ollie Jennings, this group, which included Paraic Breathnach, Marie Mullen and others, went on to become the Galway Arts Society. This new group set out to become a voice for the Arts in Galway and strove to find a permanent home for a dedicated Arts Centre in Galway City. Further to this was the aim of setting up an annual Arts Festival for Galway City.
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Another project continuing in it’s already much lauded success is the Irish Landed Estates Database. The second phase of the Landed Estates Database Project, covering the province of Munster, was launched on Friday 20th May 2011. This phase of the database deals with the landed estates of Munster, c. 1700-1920. It contains information and a guide to research sources for over 2,000 estates and some 3,200 historic houses in Munster. The database was created by Brigid Clesham, Archivist, and Marie Boran, Special Collections Librarian at NUI, Galway. For the rest of this article please click here

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