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A Record of College Life in the City of the Tribes – Q.C.G. 1902 - 1908

110 years ago, a magazine, "A Record of College Life in the City of the Tribes – QCG" was published on campus and informed students of the important matters of the day in the Spring Semester of 1904.

The magazine is quite satirical in tone and comments on various aspects of the life of a Queen's College Galway student at the turn of the 20th Century. From the years 1902 – to 1908, this thrice-yearly published 'Record' includes articles on the sporting, academic and societal achievements of these early QCG scholars.  Notes are includes on individual faculties including Arts, Medicine and Engineering, poetry, sporting reviews, coverage of Literary and Debating Society events and other matters of the day.

Notes on Arts and also Medical faculty news (Click to enlarge)

Volume 1, issue 1 was published in Nov 1902. The editorial from that issue reads:

"It has taken an uncommonly long time to provide a local outlet for the literary abilities so often proved of the students of this successful College. Now, owing to some enterprise unprecedented in the dreary West, which became conspicuous in the last Session, this Magazine makes its appearance to disseminate the glowing sentiments of our youthful aspirants to the amaranthine bay."

Editorial details of the magazine
Other content, such as the advertisements, might be of interest to those studying the history of advertising or of business servicing the College in Galway over a hundred years ago. Numerous students and staff are mentioned and their achievements and activities notes, providing an interesting, important and also humorous picture of past campus life.
Advertisements in 'The Record'

The issues are available for study and consultation in the Archives and Special Collections Reading Room, Ground Floor, the Hardiman Research Building. 

Archives and Special Collections Reading Room

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