Friday, December 4, 2015

Explore our unique Archives Collections online!

We recently introduced a new web interface through which you can browse the archives collections of the James Hardiman Library online.

Here are 5 ways in which your research could be transformed by this exciting new development!

1. Archives are amazing sources of inspiration. They hold an abundance of potential research material that can be applied to virtually any discipline to create innovative research. The catalogue could hold the key to unlocking your next research project, and you will never know unless you look!

2. Even if you don't unlock your next research project, simply by browsing through the Showcase and Image Gallery sections of the page, you are certain to find out about something or someone new.

3. The enhanced search functionality afforded by this new service means you can carry out keyword searches across the entire catalogue. This means you can browse over 20,000 records from 350 collections simultaneously, bringing insights from other sources to light that you may not have considered before now.

4. The archives catalogue is one part of a new suite of tools aimed at opening up our archives. Why not look at the catalogue alongside some of our digital projects which are available on Keep an eye out for new projects on this page, and you can still find our older digital projects on These will be migrated to the new system soon.

5. Finding something you are interested in on our catalogue gives you the perfect excuse to work in our beautiful reading room, located on the ground floor of the Hardiman Research Building in the heart of NUI Galway's campus.

Check it out now on Happy Browsing!

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