Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

On St Patrick’s Day it seems appropriate to post an image from the Lyric Theatre archive to celebrate our national holiday. This is a programme for a series of events created by Mary O’Malley for St Patrick’s Day 1959. If you click through to the larger image you can see that the events included a dramatisation of The Children of Lir and excerpts from Valentin Iremonger’s play Wrap Up My Green Jacket. An attempt to cater to both sides of the community in Belfast is seen with the inclusion of a recital of ‘Orange Ballads’ as part of the programme.

Best wishes to all of our readers today!

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  1. Thank you - and very belated good wishes back to you ! I hope the Green Jacket won't suffer from all the wrapping and mothballing inbetween St.Patrick's Days... Happy listing. Vera