Thursday, April 14, 2011

Photographs from Unknown Productions - Can You Help?

One of the most difficult aspects of archivists' work is the task of trying to identify the people, places and events in photographic collections. I've been lucky with the Lyric archive to some extent as many of the photos have some manner of identifying note on the reverse. This will often be as short as a date or an actor's name, but that can be enough in most cases to help me in researching and discovering the image's provenance. Other photographs don't have notes, but may have distinctive set or costume design, or the photo may be taken of a recognisable scene.

In some cases though, the photo frustratingly remains a mystery. The slideshow above contains the images from my current 'unknown photos' folder. If anyone would like to hazard a guess at any of these, you can click on the slideshow to be brought to the Picasa web album where you can leave comments on any of the images!

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