Monday, March 30, 2020

Podcast: Music for Galway - The Archive and Music

The Music for Galway Archive includes a detailed record of concerts and events produced since the group was established in early 1981.Ranging in date from 1981-2015, the archive consists of thirty boxes of materials and over 100 posters. 

Over the past nearly forty years, Music for Galway have established their place as a leading cultural group in Galway, in Ireland, and internationally, and have hosted renowned Irish and international acts as part of their season annually. The Music for Galway Archive, held at the Hardiman Library, NUI Galway, is a record of their many achievements since their beginning in 1981, their growth and development and how they have brought world class and internationally celebrated music to Galway audiences since its foundations. 

This audio post gives an overview of the MFG archive as well as its founding events in Galway in 1981. 
You can also search the MFG archive catalogue here and discover the records which chart the histry of one of Ireland's leading cultural groups.

The Steinway Grand Piano being lifted into position at the
Aula Maxima, University College Galway (NUIG) 1981.
Music for Galway Archive, Hardiman Library.