Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Barry McGovern, Ethna Tinney and Music for Galway

Currently in the process of being catalogued here at the James Hardiman Library is the Music for Galway Archive. Music for Galway is a group founded in Galway in 1981 with the goal of staging the very best of Irish and international classical music acts. Since the groups foundation they have staged hundreds of renowned groups, orchestras and musicians of all disciplines and catered to the musical passions and interests of so many in the West of Ireland.
As the process of cataloguing is continuing, which includes sorting and arranging the records into various groups and series, such as Administration, Productions, Press Files and Correspondence, and then describing and listing each item individually, the content of this archive is proving it to be a wonderful resource. 

Here are two items sure to be of interest: the first is a flyer from a New Year’s concert held in January 1987 at the Aula Maxima, here on campus at NUI Galway. The concert, which was also staged at the National Concert Hall, Dublin, features a piano recital of the children’s story The Story of Barbar by the renowned pianist Ethna Tinney. Tinney has been a regular musician with Music for Galway over their past. Interestingly, this event also featured a narrator in the form of the celebrated actor Barry McGovern. Though best known for his work in and portrayal of Beckett plays, the combination of Music for Galway, Tinney and McGovern must surely have been an incredible evening. 

The Story of Barbar, Jan 1987
. . . "Narrator - Barry McGovern

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  1. How great all these programmes are benn archived and preserved.
    I ha be a near complete record of all con vertex in dublin from 1966 to 1993 ,also as a mecene of the paris opera from 1996 to date all programmes.
    Safely no body appears interested in this collection
    Liam mansfield