Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Frank Carty Papers, letter from Liam Lynch

On this day in 1923 Liam Lynch, O/C IRA was shot and fatally wounded effectively bringing to an end hostilities in the Irish Civil War. Today's document is from the Frank Carty Papers (POL7) and is a letter from Liam Lynch to O/C 3rd Western Division reviewing activity in Frank Carty's Brigade in Sligo.

Frank Carty was active in the War of Independence 1919-21. He became Officer Commanding Number 4 Brigade, 3rd Western Division, which operated in the Sligo area. During this time he escaped from Sligo Jail in May 1920, was recaptured, escaped from Derry, was training IRA men in Glasgow and was involved in a shootout on the streets there. On the outbreak of the Civil War he sided with the anti-treaty side and was active in a number of operations from his base in the Ox Mountains. He was elected to the second Dail in June 1921 and served through nine general elections, first with Sinn Fein and later with Fianna Fail.

This letter, damaged in parts, is from [Liam Lynch] Chief of Staff, Oglach na hEireann to O/C/ 3rd Western Division, dated 28th November 1922, thanking him for his report on the activities of the Number 4 brigade. It notes for the 13th July: "The attack and capture of the enemy party and armoured car "Ballinalee" on this date was a splendid victory and the bravery of the forces engaged deserve special praise". Ends with general comments on the need to develop road-mining and the manufacture of weapons and munitions.

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