Thursday, January 14, 2016

'Proclaiming the Revolution' Conference - NUI Galway 22-23 January

Proclaiming the Revolution

Lower Aula Maxima
National University of Ireland, Galway

22-23 January 2016


9.00     Registration

9.30     Introduction

9.45     Keynote address: Dr Brian Hanley (independent scholar)
            ‘The Ireland of our ideals': republicanism and separatism in 1916
10.45   Tea/Coffee

11.00   Panel 1: Images of the Republic and Republicans

Dr Conor McNamara (NUI Galway)
Popular and rhetorical notions of land and Freedom in the context of the 1916 Proclamation

            W.J. McCormack (former Professor of Literary History from Goldsmiths College,        London)  
            The Proclamation and its Democratic Credentials

            Dara Folan (NUI Galway)
            “Glúin na haislinge”: imagining an Ireland 'not free merely, but Gaelic as well’
            Dr Jackie Uí Chionna  (NUI Galway)
            Shades of Green: Ideological interpretations of Irish nationalism in Galway 1916

1.00     Lunch

2.00     Panel 2: ‘The whole nation and all of its parts’?
            Liam Kennedy (Emeritus Professor of Economic History, Queen’s University, Belfast).
                Texting Terror: The Ulster Covenant and the Proclamation of the Irish Republic
            Dr Mary Harris (NUI Galway)
            The Proclamation and the Partition Question

            Dr Shane Nagle (Independent researcher)
            Contextualising the Proclamation: The Problem of Unity and Disunity in Nationalist     Thought

3.30     Tea/Coffee

4.00     Keynote address: Eamon Ó Cuív. T.D. 
            Does 1916 and the Proclamation have a relevance in Modern Ireland?
5.30     Book Launch: W.J. McCormack, Enigmas of Sacrifice: A Critique of Joseph M.  Plunkett and       the Dublin Insurrection of 1916 (Michigan State University Press)


9.30     Keynote address: Sinéad McCoole
            How Revolutionary? Addressing Irishwomen
10.30   Tea/Coffee

10.45   Panel 3: Women in 1916 and Beyond

            Maryann Gialanella Valiulis (Trinity College Dublin)
            The Proclamation of 1916: The Making of Equality

            Dr Micheline Sheehy Skeffington
            The role of Hanna Sheehy Skeffington in shaping post 1916 Ireland
            Dr Marie Coleman (Queen’s University, Belfast)
            Female veterans of 1916 and the Irish state after independence
12.45   Lunch

1.45     Panel 4: The Pursuit of Equality

Dr Mary Muldowney (Trinity College Dublin)
Working for "the principles of equal rights and opportunities for the people of Ireland". The Irish Citizen Army and the 1916 Rising
            James Curry (NUI Galway)
            Rosie Hackett and the 1916 Rising
Dr David Convery, (NUI Galway)
'The Communist Party of Great Britain and the memory of Easter Rising'

3.15     Tea/Coffee

3.30     Keynote address: Dr Emmet O’Connor (University of Ulster)
            How radical was the Proclamation?

4.30     Final discussion chaired by Dr John Gibney (Trinity College, Dublin)

Admission to this conference is free but pre-registration is advisable.

To register, email your name and institutional/university details (if any) to

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