Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Galway Arts Festival Archive - Cataloguing Underway!

Having spent a fantastic last few months working on cataloguing the Druid Theatre Company Archive (stay tuned for updates on electronic version of the finding aid) the next project to be undertaken here at NUI Galway Archives will be the cataloguing of the Galway Arts Festival archive.
Established in 1978, the Galway Arts Festival has firmly placed itself as a major arts and cultural festival on the international as well as national calendar. Attracting over 100,000 visitors to the West of Ireland annually, the Galway Arts Festival is a spectacle of performance, music, literature, theatre, art and comedy. The archive of the Galway Arts Festival reflects over thirty years of the legacy and achievement of those who supported the festival, participated in it and who travelled from far and wide to attend the festival.
The archive boasts hundreds of high quality colour and black and white photographs, a huge array of posters, administrative material such as Board of Directors’ minutes, an expansive press archive documenting public and critical response to the festival every year. The archive even contains a number of T-shirts (size L/XL!) from the Galway Arts Festival in recent years. Cataloguing those items will be a new experience!
Over the coming months you can follow the project of cataloguing the Galway Arts Festival, be updated of interesting articles, items and stories that have perhaps being forgotten over the years. It promises to be a great project bringing to life over thirty years of amazing festival records and memories. You can also follow NUI Galway Archives on Twitter @nuigalwayarchives.

Galway Arts Festival

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