Monday, January 27, 2014

Book of the Month - Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology (London, 1849).

The start of the new term brings the return of our Book of the Month from the Special Collections Library here at the Hardiman Building. Each month these treasures and gems from our collections will be on display in the Special Collections Reading Room in the Hardiman Research Building.

This month (and catch it while you can!) is Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology (London, 1849). This beautifully bound three volume set was awarded to Richard Blair Bagley by Queen’s College Cork in the 1850s for a First in French. R.B. Bagley (d. 1869) went on to became Professor of Latin at Queen’s College Galway in 1854. 

Taking the dates and context of these volumes throws up an extraordinary link through time. They match by way of year of publication with the year of the opening of Queen's College Galway. (1849) It is fascinating to think that today, in our newly opened reading room, are these books awarded to one of our first professors and dating back to the year of their publication coinciding with the first students arriving here on campus and also exactly 160 years ago this year Bagley was appointed Professor of Latin.

Bookplate awarding the volumes to Bagley

If you would like to view/ consult this item, please submit an online request or contact the staff of the Special Collections Reading Room in the Hardiman Research Building at

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